SimpleCocoaServer & Client SimpleCocoaServer

I have developed a simple server class written in Objective-C for Cocoa that is supposed to make it easier for programmers to write server applications.
With a simple call of initWithPort:delegate: the server will be initialized and can be started by calling startServer.
The main function of this project is to help programmers create server applications without knowledge in socket programming. SimpleCocoaServer & Client
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Finally, this is Client! A simple Client class, supposed to enable programmers to concentrate on the client application itself, without being disturbed by all the socket and network part of the application. Examples of client applications are a HTTP Client (i.e. a browser), a chat client or any kind of client communicating by the means of an existent protocol (FTP / AFP etc). Certainly custom protocols may be used.

The class reference / documentation will follow ASAP SimpleCocoaServer & Client
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